Cailler’s chocolate factory lays at the heart of the Gruyère of Switzerland. It is surrounded by meadows where cows give the milk that make this chocolate so special. A beautiful tour of an hour and a half will walk you through the history of the chocolate and the factory and you will discover all the techniques and products used for their production. Like for instance the very famous cocoa beans.

The farm of the Walnut was created in 1997 as an extension of GAEC Le Noyer, a traditional farmhouse breeding and milk production. Its purpose is to enable young people passionate about their work and their country to remain working with the ground. With 7 employees today, it thrives while refining the AOC cheeses of our land and preparing traditional meats of Chablais. You will find their products especially on

Yvoire is a small Medieval village of more than 700ans (the oldest buildings are from the XIIth century) on the shores of Leman Lake renowned for its beauty and age. It is rewarded every year in the competition of flowery cities and villages. It was an ancient key place of passage that allowed to monitor the crossing between the small and the great lake, and therefore also an important military

Lake Geneva General Navigation Company (commonly abbreviated to CGN) is one of the wonders of the Leman lake. Founded in 1873, it offers many crossings of the lake every day (summer and winter) as well as splendid cruises around the lake. It has 19 ships, including 8 Historic ones that use paddle wheels (see photo below), as well as more modern like the navibus that will allow you to cross